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Localization / Localisation (L10N)

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Localization / Localisation (L10N) - definitions

Localization - Process of adapting or modifying a product, service, or website for a given language, culture or region.

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L10N - Abbreviation for localization, in which the number 10 represents the letters between the first and last letters.

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Localization - Localization means that data and systems are adapted to specific linguistic, cultural, and local habits and rules, collectively called a locale

Localization implements the presentation of data to users in a manner that adapts to their expectations and preferences. A sum of money stored in an internationalized format as the number 42.5 and the currency code USD (US dollar) might be presented as "$42.50" to a US user and as "42:50 $" to a Swedish user. 

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localization - [organizational issues] The process of adapting software to the requirements of a different language or culture, including translating user interfaces, documentation, and help systems; customizing features; and accommodating different character sets.

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