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Machine Capability Index (Cmk)

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Machine Capability Index (Cmk) - definitions

Machine Capability Index - Often Known as Cmk. This is a short term machine capability Index_ derived from the observations from uninterrupted production run. Even though the formulae are as same as Cp&Cpk calculation,the standard deviation used here is sample standard deviation (RMS). The preferred Cmk value is >1.67.Usually, The long term process capability to be planned and studied after achieving the targeted Cmk Value.

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Machine Capability (Cmk) - capability of a machine to produce a measurable characteristic under short term influences. The minimum requirement is xbar �5s within tolerance, i.e., 99.99998% of manufactured parts are expected to be within the tolerance. This corresponds to a Cmk factor of 1.67. The ultimate target is a Cmk factor of 2.00.

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