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Manufacturing 2.0

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Manufacturing 2.0 - definition(s)

Manufacturing 2.0 - Manufacturing 2.0 is the integration of Web 2.0 communication and collaboration applications into traditional manufacturing practices and processes.

Web 2.0 applications, such as blogs, wikis, RSS and social networking facilitate business processes and information flow within manufacturing organizations and between customers and suppliers. Other key components, such as Web applications, mobile technology and software as a service (SaaS), enable deeper and more complex interconnection among various internal departments and trading partners.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors are beginning to offer demand- driven applications through Manufacturing 2.0 architectures. The ultimate goal is a higher degree of collaboration in product design, and improvement to manufacturing processes, data quality, production planning, supply chain functions and day-to-day operations.

According to SAP vice president Doug Merritt, "Tools like widgets, wikis, blogs and social networking are good for the whole organization. Whether you're an information worker or on the plant floor, these tools can help you access information, make better decisions and get work done more effectively."

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