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MapReduce or Map/Reduce - definitions

MapReduce – a software framework for processing vast amounts of data.

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MapReduce - Map Reduce is a way of getting an answer from a distributed system. This is what you’ll find in a Hadoop database – you can put SQL on top of it, but that gets translated into Map Reduce jobs.

At its core, Map Reduce starts by mapping a problem into smaller data sets, each one running on a machine of its own. The answer from each machine is returned where it is reduced to the final response.

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MapReduce - Refers to the software procedure of breaking up an analysis into pieces that can be distributed across different computers in different locations. It first distributes the analysis (map) and then collects the results back into one report (reduce). Several companies including Google and Apache (as part of its Hadoop framework) provide MapReduce tools.

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map/reduce - A general term that refers to the process of breaking up a problem into pieces that are then distributed across multiple computers on the same network or cluster, or across a grid of disparate and possibly geographically separated systems (map), and then collecting all the results and combines them into a report (reduce). Google’s branded framework to perform this function is called MapReduce.

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