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Mean - definitions

Mean : The average of a set of values, usually calculated to one place of decimals more than the original data.

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Mean - The arithmetic mean is a measure of central tendancy that is calculated by dividing the sum of observed values by the number of observations. For example: the arithmetic mean for age would be 30 for the following set of observations: John = 20, Joyce = 30, Jim = 40

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Mean - A measure of central tendency; the arithmetic average of all measurements in a data set.

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Mean - The mean is the average data point value within a data set. To calculate the mean, add all of the individual data points then divide that figure by the total number of data points.

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Mean (arithmetic) - The sum of all the values of a set of measurements divided by the number of values in the set; a measure of central tendency

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mean - [mathematics] The average for a set of values, computed as the sum of all values divided by the number of values in the set.

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