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Metabase - definitions

Metabase - The metabase is an internal DB Assistant component (although technically an external database) that stores metadata, tasks, and system configuration variables, required by DB Assistant, as well as all imported and created tables.

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metabase - [data storage] In Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS), an XML file where the IIS configuration information is stored.

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metabase (metadatabase or metadata repository) - A metabase (sometimes called a metadatabase or metadata repository) is a database for storing metadata (data that describes data) for a specific purpose. For example, a metabase might include metadata about all configuration information in a system gathered from a number of sources. A physical metabase is one in which the metadata is actually collected into a single place before it is accessed. A virtual metabase is one in which metadata is gathered on the fly when it is needed, possibly when a program is executing.

An example is the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) metabase for computer vulnerability data, ICAT, which can be accessed from a search index to connect users to multiple vulnerability databases and patch Web sites. ICAT is available for public access.

Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS) includes a metabase designed to store IIS configuration settings. MetaMatrix's product, MetaBase, is designed to enable data management across a large enterprise with diverse types and sources of data.

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