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Metric / Metrics

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Metric / Metrics - definitions

Metric : (1) See Measure. (2) A fact type in data warehousing, generally numeric (such as sales, budget, and inventory) that is analysed in different ways or dimensions in decision support analysis.

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Metric - Something that is measured and reported to help manage a Process, IT Service or Activity. (ITIL definition)

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Metric - Another term used for Dimension.

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Metrics - A set of traditional and non-traditional business measurements such as rating customer satisfaction and order throughput time. A critical aspect of a CRM strategy and solution is the definition, tracking and reporting of a company's metrics.

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Metrics - A framework to establish and collect measurements of success/failure on a regulated, timed basis that can be audited and verified.

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Metrics - A standard for measurement.

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Metrics - A measured value. For example, total sales is a metric.

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Metrics - Things to measure to understand quality levels. Metric means measurement. Hence the word metric is often used in an organization to understand the metrics of the matrix (The trade off).

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Metrics - Measures of performance that monitor progress and assess trends within an organisation. A metric is the comparison of two or more measures.

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