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Optical Character Reader (OCR)

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Optical Character Reader (OCR)- definitions

Optical Character Reader (OCR) - An automated mail sorting machine that interprets the address information on a letter-size mailpiece and sprays the corresponding ZIP Code information onto the piece as a barcode. The OCR consists of a mail feed unit, transport unit, stacker modules, computer with a control system, video monitor, and printer.

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Optical Character Reader (OCR) - An electronic scanning device that can read characters, either typed with a special OCR font, or computer created, and convert these characters to magnetic form. The 9-digit zip code system is designed to utilize an OCR to read the address back and to print a 9-digit bar code on the piece. A few lists are now being created by scanning alphabetic phone books. No real headway as yet has been made to use OCR to convert classified (yellow pages) telephone files.

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Optical Character Reader (OCR) - A machine that reads the Postal CodeOM on mail. [Lecteur Optique de Caracteres (LOC)]

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