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Passphrase - definition(s)

Passphrase - An alternative to the password (and sometimes this term is used when password is meant), the passphrase is usually longer.   So, whilst a password could be rain*#Gravel, a passphrase could be a quotation such as, " Can I compare thee to a Summer's day" or " Now is the Winter of our discontent made full Summer" . The advantages of a passphrase over a password are that, because it is longer, it cannot be readily guessed by watching the user over their shoulder whilst they type, and dictionary attacks are of little use since the length and content of the passphrase is very hard to predict.   As a result, passphrases do not have to be changed as often as passwords.   The disadvantages are that they are long and take time to enter, few systems really cater for them, and the user must be a good typist or they will spend all day trying to get the passphrase right.   See also Password and Personal Identity Number (PIN) .

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