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Personalized - definition(s)

Personalized - (Publications Mail terminology) 

* a personalized enclosure can only be accepted in Publications Mail as co-packaged Addressed Admail or Lettermail, if applicable, with the exception of a renewal notice

* containing the name of the addressee (person the item is being sent to) plus an additional piece of information (or more) relating to that individual

* types of personalization include: address, unique membership number, account balance, points record, financial information, purchase history

* address carriers must not be personalized with more than the address block information (name and address) of the addressee. The address block can include the keyline addressee account code (e.g., subscriber account number)

* if personalized editorial content is part of the page count of the host publication, it is then considered an integral part of the publication itself and not an enclosure, therefore would be priced with the host publication


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