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Staging Area

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Staging Area - definitions

Staging Area - A work area (e.g. a "working" file) where data is transitionally processed, validated, and tested to ensure that the transformed data has no errors before being copied or exported to the database warehouse or data mart.

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Staging Area - A place where data is moved to, in preparation to moving it to its ultimate destination (such as a data warehouse). Staging areas are often required when it is too risky to move data directly to its destination without first examining it, or when further operations must be performed on the data. No user updating or analysis is performed on data in the staging area; rather, its contents are accessed only through programmatic means (e.g., by data transformation or cleansing utilities). Often, staging areas are fed by multiple sources. For ongoing data movement efforts, the contents of a staging area are refreshed and subsequently transformed or cleansed on a scheduled basis.

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