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State Plane Coordinate System (SPC)

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State Plane Coordinate System (SPC) - definitions

State Plane Coordinate System (SPC) - A locational reference system developed in the U.S. in the 1930s which provides positional descriptions accurate to 1 foot in 10,000. The SPC system divides the United States into 125 zones (5 cover Texas) and employs both Lambert conformal and Transverse Mercator projections (depending upon a state`s size and SHAPE / Shape). Within any given SPC zone, X-Y coordinates are given in eastings and northings. A central meridian passes each zone and is given a false easting of 2 million feet. A false northing of 0 feet is established below the southern limit of each zone.

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state plane coordinate system - [coordinate systems] A group of planar coordinate systems based on the division of the United States into more than 130 zones to minimize distortion caused by map projections. Each zone has its own map projection and parameters and uses either the NAD27 or NAD83 horizontal datum. The Lambert conformal conic projection is used for states that extend mostly east-west, while transverse Mercator is used for those that extend mostly north-south. The oblique Mercator projection is used for the panhandle of Alaska.

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