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Teraplex (Teraplex Integration Center)

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Teraplex (Teraplex Integration Center) - definition(s)

Teraplex (Teraplex Integration Center) - Teraplex (short for Teraplex Integration Center) is the name IBM has given to its "real life" testing centers whose purpose is to allow IBM customers and business partners to test very large database (VLDB) applications on a full-scale basis by using actual workloads. IBM makes its Teraplex Integration Centers freely available to its customers and business partners, but sets strict criteria for what tests can be run. The tests must involve a terabyte or more of data (hence the name Teraplex) and they must test business intelligence applications (as opposed to online transaction processing applications). The tests must evaluate scalability, and they must test the feasibility of a potential business solution in a realistic time frame. Each center can test applications and products from multiple IBM divisions and from non-IBM vendors. Currently, IBM designates individual centers for each IBM platform and provides IBM and third-party developers on site to assist with the testing.

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