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Trusted Authorities

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Trusted Authorities - definition(s)

Trusted Authorities - Trusted Authorities are electronic identities (people, businesses, governments and so on) that you have decided (either by some positive action or by default) to trust.   In this sense, the word trust means simply that you believe they are who they say they are.   You may also believe that these identities can vouch for the identity of others.   (You believe a man is from the Gas board if he has identification from the Gas board saying that he is.)   When you load the ArticSoft system for the first time you are provided with a list of Trusted Authorities that have been generally accepted in the IT industry as being competent to register identities in a proper manner.  These are not government backed, but they may accept some liability if they tell you something that is wrong. You may add your own list to that, either of web sites that you deal with (where they do not link back to a Trusted Authority already) or of individuals that you know and trust to give you accurate information when they register identities.  //See/ certificate, root certificate.

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