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Versioned Object Base (VOB)

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Versioned Object Base (VOB) - definition(s)

Versioned Object Base (VOB) - A Versioned Object Base (VOB) is a centralized database that stores version information about the files and folders in a software configuration management (SCM) system. The term is usually associated with ClearCase, a distributed program developed by Rational Software that is used in a client/server environment.

The VOB includes the current versions of source files, as well as a detailed history of file updates and usage. The history includes version numbers and dates of use, as well as information about who created each version. Information about derived objects is also included. If the VOB is complicated, it can be graphically displayed as a file-system source tree. The use of a large VOB can be memory intensive. Performance is also dependent on the read/write speed of the hard drives on which the program is installed.

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