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De-duplication test results


An independent test carried out by Cognitum Database Marketing illustrates how using  GRC ToolsTM  to standardise and parse data in an international database case increase de-duplication rates.


A file of 10241 records from 108 different countries was tested before and after being processed by GRC ToolsTM  using the de-duplication software MatchIT  from HelpIT Systems. Deduplication was on company name and company address.


An initial run over the data found 2220 duplicates in the file.  


The following GRC ToolsTM processes were run over the data:


  • Locate and move postal code
  • Check postal code validity
  • Remove postal code country code
  • Standardise address components
  • Standardise settlement names

A run over the GRC ToolsTM processed data found 2517 duplicates in the file, an additional 297 duplicates.  Assuming in a direct marketing mail shot a cost in terms of artwork, printing, packaging, postage and so on of USD 2 per package, this indicates a potential cost saving of USD 572.90 (USD 55.94 per thousand records), not taking into account the improved results the mailing is likely to have given the reduced number of recipients receiving duplicate mailings! 



Duplicates found before GRC ToolsTM 

Duplicates found before GRC ToolsTM 

Cost saving from improved de-duplication*




USD 594

 * Assuming costs of USD 2 per mailed package in a mail-shot.



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