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Accents - remove

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Purpose: to replace accented characters in the user-defined field with the correct non-accented equivalents.

Information required: there is a clash in equivalent characters in Belgium between German and Dutch/French; in Switzerland between German, French and Italian; and in Canada between French and English. For this reason, this process handles each language area differently. It is therefore necessary to have written the language areas to the database file using the procedure Language Regions - assign. When running this process for Belgium, Switzerland or Canada, you are required to specify which field contains the language region and which codes are used for each language.****


For each field chosen for processing, GRC ToolsTMneeds to know which case the data is in. Though it may seem self-evident that an upper-case accented-letter is replaced by an equivalent upper-case letter without accent, for some languages an accented character may be replaced by more than one letter and the casing of these letters needs to be assigned. For example, the German Ü is replaced by Ue at the start of a mixed-case word and by UE at the start of an upper case string.