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Apostrophes (French) - add

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Purpose: To add omitted apostrophes into data strings.

This process searches for stand-alone occurrences of the letters ‘L’ and ‘D’ (in both upper- and mixed-cases) and, if followed by a vowel, ‘H’ or ‘Y’, an apostrophe is added.


image Although this process cannot differentiate between an aspirated and unaspirated aitch (‘H’), the aitches found preceded by a stand-alone occurrence of a ‘D’ or ‘L’ are assumed to be unaspirated and therefore requiring the apostrophe. Note also that, except where occurring in the first 2 places of the string, the ‘L’ or ‘D’ preceded by another standalone character are assumed to be part of an abbreviation and are not given apostrophes. Thus S A R L AMIENS will not become S A R L’AMIENS.

Information required: For countries where more than one language is spoken, and where this process is allowed, the field containing the language region information (assigned using Language Regions - assign process or already existing in the database table) and the codes for the languages affected are required.