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Articles - move or parse

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Purpose: to move articles (“the”, “a”, “an”) from one end of a string to the other, whilst standardising string format.

Example: Baker’s Dozen, The or Baker’s Dozen (The) become The Baker’s Dozen

or The Baker’s Dozen becomes Baker’s Dozen, The or Baker’s Dozen (The)


   - For moving of articles from the FRONT to the BACK of a string, this process is unable to distinguish between single-lettered articles (such as “a” in English) and abbreviations/prepositions/conjunctions.  These occurrences are therefore not changed by this process.  For example, A Baker’s Dozen remains unchanged.  However, these articles can be moved from the BACK to the FRONT of the address provided they are preceded by a comma or are in brackets.  Thus Baker’s Dozen (A) will become A Baker’s Dozen.
   - This process will only move the article from BACK to FRONT if it is the last string found on the line (to prevent articles which are part of sub-clauses within a field, such as Ground Floor, The Smithson Building from being affected).
   - When an article is found by the process and a move has been made, the process looks no further - it is assumed that only one article per field will be found.  
   - Articles moved are put into a standard format, as also are those already in place.  I.e., if you are moving the article to the back, with a comma, those articles at the back between brackets will be altered to be at the back with a comma.    

Information required: For each field chosen, you must specify in which case the field data is (upper or mixed (upper and lower)); and whether the article is to be moved from the front to the back of the string or vice versa.


If you choose to move the article to the BACK of the string, you will be required to define whether you require the article to be placed after a comma at the end of the string or within brackets.