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Attention strings - move field contents

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Purpose: to move the contents of fields containing attention strings, such as ATTN:, C/O etc.


   Attn: Miss Amy Grundwick

is parsed and becomes

   Attention: Miss Amy Grundwick

Note: as with all GRC ToolsTMprocesses, this process handles fields in alphabetical order. For parsing it is more accurate to start processing on fields which are most likely to contain the data being searched for. It may be more accurate to run the process twice or more than to parse from all fields in one pass.

Information required: For each field chosen, GRC ToolsTM needs to know whether the data each field contains is in upper-case or in mixed (upper and lower) case to ensure that the data is correctly replaced.

Specify the field to which the string will be parsed.


By default, to be parsed an attention string must be on its own in a field. Fields containing other address elements, such as

   Attn: Miss Amy Grundwick, Physics Department

will not be parsed. This can be overridden by checking the "Move field contents also if other address elements found" box.