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Building number/letter - format

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Purpose: to split or concatenate house numbers and their associated single characters.

Example: 1 A London Road becomes 1A London Road; or 1A London Road becomes 1 A London Road

This process checks the first 8 characters of the street address string if the house number is at the front of the string, or the last 8 if it is at the end of the string. It searches for all numbers followed by a single character followed in its turn by a space or a comma.

Information required: For each country specified, GRC ToolsTMneeds to know at which end of the street address string the house number is situated, and whether the house numbers and their associated letters need to be concatenated (1 A to 1A) or split (1A to 1 A).


image If apply parameters to all countries is chosen, this process with look for house numbers at the FRONT of the field. For optimal results, choose set parameters for each country.

Addresses in Switzerland have a different format depending on the language region in which the address is situated. It is therefore necessary to specify these preferences per language region, along with the name of the field where the language code is written (by the process Language Regions - assign if not already existing) and the codes which have been used.