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Casing - to upper case

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Purpose: to correctly translate the contents of the user-defined field from mixed- or lower-case to upper case.

image This process checks also each accented character in order to assign a correct upper-case equivalent, depending on the country or language concerned.

Example: Rue du Récif in France becomes RUE DU RECIF

Kölnstraße in Germany becomes KÖLNSTRASSE

Information needed:There is a clash in the casing rules for Belgium between Dutch/German and French; and in Switzerland between German, French and Italian. For this reason, this process handles each language area differently. It is therefore necessary to have already written the language areas to the database table using the procedure Language Regions - assign (unless the language region is already coded). When running this process for Belgium or Switzerland, you are required to specify which field contains the language region and which codes are used for each language.