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Commas - add or remove

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Purpose: to standardize house number/street address formats by either adding commas after (if the number is at the front of theaddress string) or before (if it is at the end) the house number; or by removing the commas from these places.

This process checks the first 8 characters of the street address string if the house number is at the front of the string, or the last 8 if it at the end of the string. This process takes into account not just the position of the house number, but also its position relative to other strings, such as stand-alone characters (assumed to be part of the house number) or other strings which should not be split from the house number with a comma. Spacing is also corrected. This process is best illustrated using examples:


   House number at front, add commas:
   1,A             becomes           1, A
   1 ABC           becomes           1, ABC
   1 A ABC         becomes           1 A, ABC
   1A ABC          becomes           1A, ABC
   1 A,ABC         becomes           1A, ABC
   1 BIS ABC       becomes           1 BIS, ABC
   House number at back, add commas:
   ,1              becomes           , 1
   ABC 1           becomes           ABC, 1
   House number at front, remove commas:
   1,A             becomes           1 A
   1, ABC          becomes           1 ABC
   1 A,ABC         becomes           1 A ABC
   1A, ABC         becomes           1A ABC
   1 A, ABC        becomes           1A ABC
   1 BIS, ABC      becomes           1 BIS ABC
   House number at back, remove commas:
   ABC,1           becomes           ABC 1
   ABC, 1          becomes           ABC 1

Information required: For each country specified, GRC ToolsTMneeds to know whether commas are to be added or removed, and at which end of the address to look for the house numbers (defaulted to the recognized norm for the country concerned).


image If apply parameters to all countries is chosen, this process with look for house numbers at the FRONT of the field. For optimal results, choose set parameters for each country.

image Though the option to add commas is allowed for most countries for the sake of flexibility, it is incorrect to add commas to the addresses of some countries.

Addresses in Switzerland have a different format depending on the language region in which the address is situated. It is therefore necessary to specify the end of the field in which the number is currently written and whether commas should be added or removed per language region, along with the name of the field where the language code is written and the codes which have been used (assigned, if not already existing, using Language Regions - assign).