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Field - split string

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Purpose: to split a field string at a given sub-string.

This is a general process that can be run on any character field. It splits a field at a specified sub-string. The data before the given string stays in the specified field, the data after is moved to a new field.

Example: Station House High Street, split after House produces Station House and High Street

Information required: For each chosen field, specify the field to which the split data is to be moved.

Indicate the sub-string at which the field is to be split. Note: To indicate a leading or training space in this sub-string, use the ‘$_$” wildcard. Thus,


will split at all occurrences, including, for example Porterhouse.


indicates a leading space, so Porterhouse will not be split but houseman will.


indicates a leading and trailing space, so neither Porterhouse nor houseman will be split.

You do not need to use this wildcard for spaces within the string.

The casing of the string is taken into account by the procedure.

Specify whether the split is to be made before or after the given sub-string. If the sub-string is $_$House$_$, then Front will split Station House High Street into Station and House High Street. Back will split Station House High Street into Station House and High Street.

You are also required to define whether the split string is to be appended to the front of any existing data in destination field; to the back of any existing data in the destination field; to overwrite any data in the destination field; or to do nothing if the destination field already contains data.

image If you specify multiple fields to split, you are asked for these parameters for each field. However, apart from the field name to which to write the split data, all other parameters are fixed. Thus, if you choose a sub-string to split for the first field, and a different one for the second field, the second sub-string is used for all fields as it overwrites the first sub-string. If you wish to use different sub-strings or different parameters for this process for different fields, run the process multiple times.