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Frequently encountered problems

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“Cannot access the selected table”

This error occurs occasionally after processing has completed. It does not affect processing so can be ignored.

Error 3: File is in use

This error is known to occur intermittently with Excel 97 files, when opening the file. The solution is to save the Excel file under another format, preferably dbf, and use the new file format as the input file.

Error: A subdirectory or file c:\temp\ already exists

This error is known to occur on some Windows NT systems where the c:\temp\ directory is a hidden system directory. GRCTools needs to write temporary files to this directory. If the directory is hidden GRCTools cannot locate the directory, but equally it cannot create the directory so this error occurs. To resolve this, the directory needs to be made into a “standard” directory, either by changing its properties, or by renaming it and creating a new c:\temp\ directory.

Data type mismatch error

Check that you are not trying to process a field which is not character/alphanumeric in type. Numeric and other fields, which should not be used to store address data, will give this error.

Duplicate field names error

The native format of GRCToolsTMis Visual FoxPro/dBase III+. Data imported in other formats is imported to Visual Foxpro format for processing, and then exported to the original format after processing. Data being imported must therefore be able successfully to be converted. GRCToolsTMsupports field names of 10 characters or less. If your data contains long field names, they are truncated during import. If this truncation leads to duplicate field names, GRC ToolsTMwill fail. For example, if you have the field names:


in your incoming file, GRCToolsTMwill make these into:


so that you get a duplicate field names error. Renaming the fields to, for example:


will resolve this problem.

Error 112: Invalid key length

GRC ToolsTMindexes data as required during processing. If field lengths are too long (for example, 256, to which fields may default when exported from other formats) GRC ToolsTMis unable to create indexes and gives this error. Reduce the field lengths (e.g. to 100 or less) to prevent this error.

Exception code=c0000005

This is a Windows general protection fault error, and is usually related to hardware issues, old or unstable printer drivers etc. Try deleting the files foxuser.dbf and foxuser.fpt from the GRCTools directory and rerunning the program. If this does not help, please report the problem to us but it is likely that it can only be resolved through cleaning up the PC concerned or installing GRCToolsTM on another PC.

Error creating DEFAULT key container

This rare error is, we believe, due to insufficient read/write privileges on the computer you are using. A solution may be found at External. Please report this error to us if you are unable to resolve it.


This error may occur (rarely) after processing has finished. You can safely ignore it by pressing "OK".

A file originating as a Microsoft Excel 2007 and onwards and saved as an earlier version of Excel causes GRCTools to hang when being imported

Save the file as "Microsoft Excel 5/0/95 Workbook (*.xls" and not as "Excel 97-2003 Workbook (*.xls)".