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The GRC ToolsTMmenu has two main choices, and these will be discussed in order.


File > Open

This is the option, which may also be run using the open icon: image, to choose to process a file. For further details, please refer to the next chapter: “Processing a file”.

File > Save


By default, GRC ToolsTMimports your data into its native format and then exports it again into the same format as it was originally. This option saves the last file processed, so you should choose this option only after you have processed the file you want to save in a different format.

This option, which is also available using the save button image. allows you to save the last processed file in a different format. Specify the format in which you want to save the file, and the name to which to save it. This option should be used with caution if your file contains diacritical characters, as some file formats will corrupt diacritical characters upon import and export - Excel is a good example of this.

File > Report


GRC ToolsTMwrites results to report files for each run. If you wish to run a report from a previous run, this option (also available using the print button image) can be chosen. Choose the results file using the browse button. Remember, results files are those with the format RnnnnnnX.dbf, where n indicates a number and X a letter, for example R130901D.DBF, this being the fourth results file of 13th September 2001. Choosing any other file type will result in a fatal program error.

File > Delete Old Files From Disk


This option can also be chosen using the delete button image. As old processing and results files take up valuable disk space, GRC ToolsTMallows you to delete them. Simply choose the directory using the browse button (remember, processing and results files are by default written to the directory where the input file is) and specify a date before which you would like all files deleted and press the tick button. Today's date is shown as the default. If you would like to add a different date, type it in the format show (dd/mm/yyyy).

image Files created on the date chosen will NOT be deleted.

File > Exit

Exit GRC ToolsTM.

Help > About

Shows the about screen, with contact and credits details.