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Language regions - assign

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Purpose: To assign a language to each address within the database file specified in multi-lingual countries.

Although it is often sufficient to know the country in which an address is located in order for GRC ToolsTM to run its processes, in certain countries where more than one language is spoken, there is a clash between certain aspects of addressing between each language, and therefore GRC ToolsTM needs to work on the basis of language areas. This process assigns language areas. Please note that this language area assignment neither relates to the language spoken by the person/people living or working at the address, nor the language that you might want to send information in. It specifies either the predominant language of the area where the address is situated, or, for bilingual areas or for addresses without a postal code, the language in which the address is written.

Information required: For each country, this process needs to know:

   - the field to which the language code is to be written.
   - the fields containing the street address (maximum two - one may be left empty).  
   - the field containing the postal code
   - the codes which need to be written to the language field for each language area.

The process also gives you the choice of checking every address, even if a language code is already assigned, and assigning a new code (leave the “overwrite” check box unchecked); or, by checking the “overwrite” check box, to ignore those addresses where a language has already been assigned, and checking only those where no language is yet assigned.