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Non-numeric characters - remove

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Purpose: to remove non-numeric characters from the user-specified fields.

This is a general process that can be run on any character field intended only to hold numeric data. It should be the first process to be run over address data for those countries where the postal code consists only of numbers, as the postal code is required for GRC ToolsTMin its correct format (without addition code or punctuation) for many other processes.

imageThis process also removes spaces. As spacing may be needed in the postal codes of certain countries (e.g. 999 99 in Sweden) this spacing should be added after this process has been run and before running other GRC ToolsTM processes that require the postal code.

Example: becomes 23456789

Information required: hyphens (-) are often found in telephone numbers in certain countries like Germany, where they indicate a direct-dialled internal extension number. In other countries it may indicate a number of telephone lines - 33-37 for example, may indicate that lines ending in 33, 34, 35, 35 and 37 belong to this company. GRC ToolsTMgives you the choice of removing or retaining hyphens for each field chosen.****