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Personal name prefixes - parse & standardise

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Purpose: to identify strings indication forms of address and other constants at the front of the personal name and to move these to a new field, make the strings consistent at the same time. This process will continue searching until no more prefixes are found, so multiple prefixes such as "Prof. Dr." can be parsed.

Example:Mister Smith becomes Mr and Smith; Mons. Dupont becomes M. and Dupont.

Information required: For each field chosen, GRC ToolsTMneeds to know if the prefix is to be written in upper or mixed (upper and lower) case.


You must then specify to which field to move the prefix, if found, and whether this field is to be overwritten in all cases or only if it is empty.


image When a form of address can consist of a single letter, for example M to indicate Monsieur in French-speaking countries, then this has not been added to the lookup table as GRC ToolsTM cannot distinguish between M Dupont where the M indicates, for example, Michel and M Dupont where the M indicates Monsieur.