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Personal name suffixes - parse & standardise

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Purpose: to identify strings indication academic titles, seniority indicators and other constants at the end of the personal name and to move these to a new field, make the strings consistent at the same time. This process will continue searching until no more suffixes are found, so multiple suffixes such as "OBE MBE" can be parsed.

Example: Graham Rhind PHD becomes Graham Rhind and Ph.D.

Information required: For each field chosen, GRC ToolsTMneeds to know whether the suffix is to be written in upper or mixed (upper and lower) case.


You must then specify to which field to move the suffix, if found, and whether this field is to be overwritten in all cases or only if it is empty.


By default this process will only parse a string which is suffixed to another string. You may have data where a field contains only "suffix" data. If this is the case and you would like also to parse that data, check the "Allow parsing when suffix in only string in field" box.