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Place names - standardise

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Purpose: to standardize place names, replacing foreign or minority language forms of a town name, names incorrectly spelt or including typos, transcribed letters, incorrect diacritical marks and so on with the standardized local language equivalents.

Example: Londres becomes London (United Kingdom); Den Haag and The Hague become 's-Gravenhage (The Netherlands).

image The lookup tables used by GRC ToolsTMfor this process are very large. GRC ToolsTMmay appear to hang for some time at 0% and 100% during processing. This is normal - avoid interrupting the program at these points.

Information required: For each field chosen, GRC ToolsTMneeds to know the case that it is in so that the replacement is written in the correct case.


This process will only work for each town within the postal code area defined within the lookup table. This prevents settlements with similar names being incorrectly re-named in different parts of the same country. For this reason the process requires knowing in which field the postal code is situated. The postal code should be in its correct format without punctuation or other codes such as country sorting codes (e.g. GB-).


Ireland, having no postal codes, is treated separately - instead of a check being made on postal code, it is made on county. This makes the process less efficient but retains the accuracy. If Ireland is chosen, you need to specify the field containing the county in Ireland, and the case in which it is stored.


image Most lookup tables are shipped with GRC ToolsTMstructured to change foreign words for town names into the local- language equivalent only. However, for countries where a number of languages exists, the rules used for the lookup tables are as follows.