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Postal codes - write located

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image The process Postal codes - locate or Postal codes (incl. format) - locate must have been run in a previous GRC ToolsTM session to be able to run this process

Purpose:to move postal codes located using the MddmmyyX file created by the GRC ToolsTM process Postal codes - locate or Postal codes (incl. format) - locate

Information required: You are required to specify the field in your database containing its unique identification code, or check the Check to use RECORD NUMBERS instead of ID box if record numbers were used in the Postal codes - locate process. You must specify to which field the located postal code is to be used, and which MddmmyyX file is to be used.

Note: if you chose to check using record numbers instead of an ID, then you must not have changed the order of the records within the original file before running this process, otherwise the corrected data will be written back to the wrong record.

image The drop-down file box contains all databases in the data file directory which begin with an 'M'. Make sure you only choose a file with the pattern MddmmyyX - choosing any other file will cause the process to fail.


image If the located postal code ends in a comma or a full stop, this character is not moved to the new field by this process. It is retained in the old field, unless this would mean that it would come into the first position of the field, in which case it is removed. Thus Oxford OX9 6RY, Oxon becomes Oxford, Oxon and OX9 6RY whilst OX9 6RY, Oxon becomes Oxon and OX9 6RY.