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Quotation marks - remove

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Purpose: to remove paired quotation marks from the user-specified field.

Example: “Dun Roamin” becomes Dun Roamin

This process searches for, and removes, double quotation marks.

image Single quotation marks, found in addresses as apostrophes, are not removed.

If more than two double quotation marks are located within the same field, the process will not make changes to the field but will write the data to a file. A file is created called QddmmyyX.dbf, where ddmmyy is the date and X is an incremented letter is created. GRC ToolsTMwill tell you at the top right of the screen the name of the file created for this session.


image If you should do more than 26 runs in a single day and have thus created files ending in all letters between A and Z, A is reused for all remaining sessions for that date.

image The QddmmyyX.DBF file is created in Visual Foxpro format. To view this file you will need Visual Foxpro or a program which can import Visual Foxpro files.

You are further required to give either the name of the field within the database table which contains a unique ID (which is written to the QddmmyyX file so that the user can re-locate the problem record); or, by checking the use Record Numbers instead of ID box, to write the record number of the problem record instead of a unique string. The file QddmmyyX will contain in a single field called ID containing the unique ID or record number of any record where the field specified has an uneven number of double-quotation marks.