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Sub-building information - parse & standardise

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Purpose: to identify sub-building data associated with numbers within street address fields and to move this information to a new field.

This process works by identifying strings in the user-defined address field which indicate a sub-building. The number(s) following (or preceding) this string are written to a user-defined field (the process stops taking data from the field once anything other than a number or space is found). See example below. Once a string is found, the process stops checking - each address is assumed to have only one sub-building string.

Example: Rm 12 A, Station House becomes: Room 12 A and Station House; 11th Floor Station House becomes 11th Floor and Station House

This process currently does not parse sub-building data without an associated number (e.g. The Penthouse.

Information required: You need to specify once for each GRC ToolsTM session these parameters:


For each field specified, you must specify whether the data in the field is in upper or mixed (upper and lower) case. The same case is retained in the field to which the sub-building information is written.