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Technical support

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GRC ToolsTMgives a great deal of flexibility to the user to choose how he/she wants his/her data to look after processing. In the same way, this flexibility provides plenty of opportunity for the user to make unwanted changes to data through misuse or incorrect assigning of parameters, and different data formats may produce different results than expected.

Always backup your data before using GRC ToolsTM. GRC Database Information accepts no responsibility for lost or damaged data through the use or misuse of GRC ToolsTM.

Please check the list of frequently encountered problems below.

Before assuming that GRC ToolsTMis not working, please try to close then restart GRC ToolsTMand re-run the same process(es), checking that all parameters are correctly filled in and that the fields are correctly assigned. Check the database over which GRC ToolsTMis being run - are the country codes present? Do they match those given in GRC ToolsTM? Are the parameters specified logical given the data to be processed? If you run the process using the All Countries option, try running again allowing options to be assigned on a country-by-country basis, which improves accuracy.

If all else fails, let us know.

GRC Database Information provides an e-mail only support service (address: You are guaranteed the full-attention of the author of the software. When looking for solutions to problems, we must be able to re-construct the problem at GRC Database Information. We must therefore have the following information:

We shall do our best to solve your problems, or, if GRC ToolsTMwas deliberately designed to do something that you did not expect, why this is the case. If we have made an error, we shall try to get a new version of the software to you as quickly as possible, and provide you with free credits as compensation and thanks for finding errors we were not able to find.

If you have any suggestions for changes or improvements to GRC ToolsTMwe would gratefully receive these at the same e-mail address. In this way we can ensure that GRC ToolsTMis the tool you need and not the tool we think you need.