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Telephone numbers - burst

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Purpose:to burst a telephone number into its component parts: international dialling code, trunk dialling code (the digit which may be dropped when calling a telephone number from abroad), area code, subscriber number and extension information. The original data is not altered in this process. The new numbers are written without punctuation. Telephone numbers from countries which are incorrectly coded cannot be burst.

Example: 0044(20)625-526 becomes+44 and 0 and 20 and 625526

Information required: For each field containing a telephone number to be burst, you need to specify the names of the existing (alpha-numeric) fields to which to write the number components. ALL fields except that to contain a trunk code or an extension must be assigned in order to successfully burst a telephone number.


You may choose to assign an international code and/or a trunk code if it does not exist within the number to be burst; and you may choose to include the '+' symbol in front of the international dialling code.