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Thoroughfare types - parse

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Purpose: to parse strings indicating thoroughfare types and other address type strings (“Street”, “strasse”, “rue”, “house”, “apartment”, “zone” etc.) to user-defined fields.

image The lookup tables used by GRC ToolsTM for this process are very large. GRC ToolsTM may appear to hang for some time at 0% and 100% during processing. This is normal - avoid interrupting the program at these points.

Example: R. de Paris becomes rue|de Paris; Kölnstr. becomes Köln|straße etc.

Information required: For each field chosen, GRC ToolsTM needs to know to which fields to move the data. Three fields are required: one to which to move the thoroughfare string, one to which to move the string BEFORE the thoroughfare string, and one to which to move the string AFTER the thoroughfare string.

When the thoroughfare string is parsed, you can choose to leave it unchanged, to write it in its standardised form, or in its fullest form. For example, if the string being processed is HIGH STR, then its unchanged form is STR, its standardised form is ST and its full form is STREET.


If you choose to standardise the thoroughfare types or write them in their fullest form, then you may choose the case in which to write the data.

Finally, you need to specify at which end of the string GRC ToolsTMshould start looking for the thoroughfare type. Unless your data is formatted in an unusual way, for example de Paris, rue, you should choose to accept the lookup table defaults.

image Known issue: due to the nature of the lookup tables used, for some thoroughfare types where the final character is a punctuation mark, such as AV., GRC ToolsTM may take the punctuation mark as being part of the following string, thus parsing to: AVENUE|.