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University strings - parse

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Purpose:to locate, parse and standardize university strings.


   Univ. of Hull

is parsed and becomes

   University of Hull      

To be parsed, a university string must be on its own in a field. This prevents strings such as University Road being incorrectly parsed. Fields containing any other apparent address information will not be parsed.

Note: as with all GRC ToolsTMprocesses, this process handles fields in alphabetical order. For parsing it is more accurate to start processing on fields which are most likely to contain the data being searched for. It may be more accurate to run the process twice or more than to parse from all fields in one pass.

image The lookup tables used by GRC ToolsTMfor this process are very large. GRC ToolsTMmay appear to hang for some time at 0% and 100% during processing. This is normal - avoid interrupting the program at these points.

Information required: For each field chosen, GRC ToolsTM needs to know whether the data should be written in a standardized form or in full. By default, GRC ToolsTM writes the data in its long form. Standardize will produce more standardized but less accurate results; full will produce less standardized but more accurate results. E.g.:

Full form: University of Bristol

Standardised form: Univ. of Bristol

You need to specify whether the data each field contains is in upper-case or in mixed (upper and lower) case to ensure that the data is correctly replaced.

Specify the field to which the string will be parsed.