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                                         by Graham Rhind

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Country names in different languages

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To ensure that country names in different languages and scripts are rendered correctly and consistently, these country names lists are provided as pdf files.

Local version (pdf) External

Afar (pdf) External

Afrikaans (pdf) External

Akan (Twi/Fante) (pdf) External

Albanian (pdf) External

Amharic (pdf) External

Arabic (pdf) External

Armenian (pdf) External

Assamese (pdf) External

Azerbaijani (pdf) External

Bahasa Indonesian (pdf) External

Bahasa Malay (pdf) External

Bambara (pdf) External

Basque (pdf) External

Belarussian (pdf) External

Bengali (pdf) External

Bosnian (pdf) External

Bulgarian (pdf) External

Burmese (pdf) External

Catalan (pdf) External

Chinese (Mandarin) (pdf) External

Croatian (pdf) External

Czech (pdf) External

Danish (pdf) External

Dutch (pdf) External

Estonian (pdf) External

Ewe (pdf) External

Faroese (pdf) External

Farsi (pdf) External

Finnish (pdf) External

French (pdf) External

Fula (pdf) External

Galician (pdf) External

Georgian (pdf) External

German (pdf) External

Gikuyu / Kikuyu (pdf) External

Greek (pdf) External

Gujarati (pdf) External

Hakka (pdf) External

Hausa (pdf) External

Hebrew (pdf) External

Hindi (pdf) External

Hungarian (pdf) External

Icelandic (pdf) External

Igbo (pdf) External

Irish (pdf) External

Italian (pdf) External

Japanese (pdf) External

Javanese (pdf) External

Kabyle (pdf) External

Kalenjin (pdf) External

Kamba (pdf) External

Kannada (pdf) External

Khmer (pdf) External

Kiga (pdf) External

Korean (pdf) External

Kurdish (pdf) External

Langi (pdf) External

Latvian (pdf) External

Lithuanian (pdf) External

Luganda / Ganda (pdf) External

Luhya / Luyia / Luhia (pdf) External

Macedonian (pdf) External

Madurese (pdf) External

Makonde (pdf) External

Malagasy (pdf) External

Malayalam (pdf) External

Maltese (pdf) External

Marathi (pdf) External

Masai (pdf) External

Meru (pdf) External

Morisyen (pdf) External

Nepali (pdf) External

Northern Ndebele (pdf) External

Norwegian (pdf) External

Nyankole (pdf) External

Oriya (pdf) External

Oromo (pdf) External

Pashtu (pdf) External

Polish (pdf) External

Portuguese (pdf) External

Punjabi (pdf) External

Romanian (pdf) External

Romansh (pdf) External

Russian (pdf) External

Sango (pdf) External

Sena (pdf) External

Serbian (pdf) External

Shilha / Tachelhit (pdf) External

Shona (pdf) External

Sindhi (pdf) External

Sinhalese (pdf) External

Slovenian (pdf) External

Soga (pdf) External

Somali (pdf) External

Spanish (pdf) External

Sudanese (pdf) External

Swahili (pdf) External

Swedish (pdf) External

Tagalog (pdf) External

Tamazight (pdf) External

Tamil (pdf) External

Telugu (pdf) External

Teso (pdf) External

Thai (pdf) External

Tonga (pdf) External

Turkish (pdf) External

Ukrainian (pdf) External

Urdu (pdf) External

Uzbek (pdf) External

Vietnamese (pdf) External

Vunjo (pdf) External

Welsh (pdf) External

Yoruba (pdf) External

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