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Exonyms in Asturian

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Exonyms in Asturian

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More information about these places is to be found in the country chapters. For technical reasons, all alternative place name versions in the lists below have been labelled as "exonyms", even though it may be a local-language alternative form.

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Exonyms in Asturian External

Endonym/Exonym Asturian
Exonyms in Spain Aller → Ayer
Cadavedo → Cadavéu
Canero → Caneiru
Cangas de Onís → Cangues d’Onís
Caso → Casu
Cudillero → Cuideiru
Gijón → Xixón
Grado → Grao
Illano → Eilao
Langreo → Llangréu
Las Regueras → Les Regueres
Laviana → Llaviana
Lena → Llena
Luarca → Lluarca
Mieres del Camino → Mieres del Camín
Oviedo → Uviéu
Pajares → Payares
Pesoz → Pezós
Ribadesella → Ribesella
San Martín de Oscos → Samartín d’Ozcos
San Martín del Rey Aurelio → Samartín del Rei Aurelio
San Tirso de Abres → Santirso d’Abres
Santa Eulalia de Oscos → Santalla d’Ozcos
Sariego → Sariegu
Sisterna → Sistierna
Sobrescobio → Sobresobiu
Soto del Barco → Sotu’l Barcu
Teverga → Teberga
Tineo → Tinéu
Vegadeo → Veiga d’Eo
Villanueva de Oscos → Vilanova d’Ozcos

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