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Exonyms in Friulian

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Exonyms in Friulian

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More information about these places is to be found in the country chapters. For technical reasons, all alternative place name versions in the lists below have been labelled as "exonyms", even though it may be a local-language alternative form.

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Exonyms in Friulian External

Endonym/Exonym Friulian
Exonyms in Austria Villach → Vilac
Exonyms in Italy Ampezzo → Dimpeç
Aquileia → Acuilee or Aquilee or Aquilea
Artegna → Dartìgne
Attimis → Atimis
Campoformido → Cjampfuarmit
Cervignano del Friuli → Çarvignan
Chiusaforte → Sclûse
Cividale del Friuli → Cividât
Corno di Rosazzo → Cuar di Rosacis
Germona del Friuli → Glemone
Gradisca d’Isonzo → Gardiscja or Gardiscje
Latisana → Latisane
Malborghetto-Valbruna → Malborghet-Valbrune
Moggio Udinese → Mueç
Moimacco → Muimans
Monfalcone → Monfalcon
Montenars → Montenârs
Muggia → Mugle
Pontebba → Ponteibe
Pordenone → Pordenon
Portogruaro → Puartgruar
Premariacco → Premariâs
Resiutta → Resiùte
Ronchi dei Legionari → Roncjis
San Vito → San Vit
Spilimbergo → Spilimberc
Taipana → Taipane
Tarcento → Tarcint
Tarvisio → Tarvis
Tolmezzo → Tumieç
Udine → Udin
Valbruna → Valbrune
Venzone → Vençon

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