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Exonyms in Ukrainian

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Exonyms in Ukrainian

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More information about these places is to be found in the country chapters. For technical reasons, all alternative place name versions in the lists below have been labelled as "exonyms", even though it may be a local-language alternative form.

Alternate place name forms/postal code tables can be acquired at External

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Exonyms in Ukrainian External

Endonym/Exonym Ukrainian
Exonyms in Belarus Brest or Брэст → Brest or Брест
Drahichyn or Драгічын → Дорогичин
Kobryn or Ко́брын → Кобринь‎
Pinsk or Пі́нск → Pyns’k or Пи́нськ
Exonyms in Denmark København → Копенгаген or Kopenhahen
Exonyms in France Paris → Париж or Paryzh
Exonyms in Italy Firenze → Флоренція or Florentsiya
Genova → Генуя or Henuya
Roma → Рим or Rym
Torino → Турин or Turin
Exonyms in Moldova Chişinău → Кишинів or Kyshyniv
Tighina → Бендери or Bendery
Exonyms in Poland Chełm → Холм or Kholm
Chrząchów → Хжо́нхув or Khzhonkhuv
Kraków → Краків or Krakiv
Przemyśl → Перемишль or Peremyshyl
Rzeszów → Ряшів or Ryashiv
Warszawa → Варшава or Varshava
Exonyms in Portugal Lisboa → Лісабон or Lisabon
Exonyms in Romania Bucureşti → Бухарест or Bukharest
Galaţi → Малий Галич
Sighetu Marmaţiei → Сигіт or Sihit
Tulcea → Тулча or Tulcha
Exonyms in Serbia Beograd or Београд → Belhrad or Белград
Exonyms in Switzerland Genève → Женева or Zheneva
Lausanne → Лозанна or Lozanna

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