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Postal country codes

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For international mail posted in certain countries (mainly in Europe), a country code may be used immediately in front of the postal code, split from the code with a hyphen. This should be used in addition to the country name. This enables mail to be machine-read and routed automatically. These codes may only be used when the mail is posted within one of the participating countries. You should check with the postal authorities on whether they participate in this scheme and which codes are used.

Note that those countries where the postal code starts with letters, such as the United Kingdom, prefer that these codes are not used as they cause confusion. Thus, the letter posted to CH-1234 may end up in Chester, UK, rather than Switzerland, causing delays.

These are some of the country codes used:

Country Code
Ă…land Islands AX
Albania AL
Andorra AND
Austria A
Belgium B
Bulgaria BG
Croatia HR
Cyprus CY
Czechia / Czech Republic CZ
Denmark DK
Estonia EE
Faeroe Islands FR
Finland FI
France F
Germany D
Gibraltar GBZ
Greece GR
Guernsey GBG
Holy See V
Hungary H
Iceland IS
Ireland IRL
Isle of Man GBM
Italy I
Jersey GBJ
Latvia LV
Liechtenstein FL
Lithuania LT
Luxembourg L
Malta M
Moldova MD
Monaco MC
The Netherlands NL
North Macedonia MK
Norway N
Poland PL
Portugal P
Romania RO
Russia RUS
San Marino RSM
Serbia YU
Spain E
Sweden S
Switzerland CH
Tunisia TN
Turkey TR
Ukraine UK
United Kingdom GB

The ISO 3166-2 letter code may, in some cases, also be used instead of the codes given above. Thus, both E and ES may be used for Spain. The rules applying to the use of country codes should be verified with the postal authorities of the country of origin.

These countries are currently using country codes on their international mail:

   The Netherlands

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