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Aggregate / Aggregation

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Aggregate / Aggregation - definition(s)

Aggregate - A single summary field's value, based on results calculated from values found in like fields across an entire set or subset of records; typically counts, sums, averages, first, last, minimum and maximum.

See also: Field, Summary function.

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Aggregates - Precalculated and presorted summaries that are stored in a data warehouse to improve query performance.

Source: The Data Governance Institute, 16 November 2009 08:50:09, External

aggregation - [data editing] The process of collecting a set of similar, usually adjacent, polygons (with their associated attributes) to form a single, larger entity.

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Aggregatie - Verzameling van data, berekend uit detail gegevens. Een aggregatie is meestal een sommatie, telling of gemiddelde van de onderliggende gedetailleerde data.

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Aggregation – a process of searching, gathering and presenting data.

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