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Field - definitions

Field : A data element or data item in a data structure or record. 

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Field - A general designation for postal locations other than Headquarters and its related units. These include 10 areas and 85 districts.

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Field - Synonymous with column. A component of a relation or table that holds a single attribute of that relation or table.

See also: Column and Attribute.

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Field - The location on a tape of a given set of information--such as name, address, city, state, SIC, ZIP code. May be variable length or fixed. For Addressing_ purposes almost always in "fixed fields" where ZIP code for example, is always found in the same five positions in a record.

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Field - A means of implementing an item of data within a file. It can be in character, date, number, or other format and be optional or mandatory.

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Field - Data that has several parts can be divided into fields. A typical mailing list would have fields labeled: company name, first name, last name, address, etc. Fields are frequently organized into columns. The term "field" in variable data printing is also used to denote an area in a layout where data (or other elements) from a specific  database field will be placed.

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(1) [database structures] A column in a table that stores the values for a single attribute.

(2) [computing] The place in a database record, or in a GUI, where data can be entered.

(3) [data models] A synonym for surface.

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