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Biometrics - definitions

Biometrics  - Biometrics or biometric systems are methods for uniquely recognizing humans based upon one or more intrinsic physical or behavioural traits.

Such methods have already been used for a long time. However, the new element which triggers data protection considerations is that a machine can now automatically conduct these methods and possibly recognise humans with measurable accuracy.

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biometrics/biometric authentication - In a security context, biometrics and biometric authentication refer to using a person's physical characteristic in order to authenticate them for access to a resource.

Some of the characteristics commonly used include those of the eye, face, voice, fingerprints or the shape of a hand. Since these characteristics are unique and change very little over time, they offer strong proof of the person's identity. Since these authentication systems are much more expensive to acquire and maintain, they are often used for access to very sensitive or classified information.

It's easier to attack the stored comparison statistics or images than it is to copy the unique physical characteristic so this becomes a weak point of biometric authentication. These items need to be carefully secured. In addition, biometrics are usually used as a part of a two-factor or strong authentication management system where a password or something known must also be used to gain access.

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Biometrics – the identification of humans by their characteristics.

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biometrics - The use of technology to identify people by one or more of their physical traits.

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Biometrics - Using technology and analytics to identify people by one or more of their physical traits, such as face recognition, iris recognition, fingerprint recognition, etc.

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