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Calibration - definition

Calibration - The comparison of a measurement instrument or system of unverified accuracy to a measurement instrument or system of known accuracy to detect any variation from the required performance specification.

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Source: American Society for Quality, 09 September 2010 12:08:13, External

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Calibration - Calibration is simply the comparison of instrument performance to a standard of known accuracy. It may simply involve this determination of deviation from nominal or include correction (adjustment) to minimize the errors. Properly calibrated equipment provides confidence that your products/services meet their specifications. Calibration:

   * increases production yields,
   * optimizes resources,
   * assures consistency and
   * ensures measurements (and perhaps products) are compatible with those made elsewhere.

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Calibration - A comparison of a measurement standard, instrument, or item with a standard or instrument of higher accuracy to detect and quantify inaccuracies and to report or eliminate those inaccuracies by adjustments.

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Source: Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, 16 March 2011 09:34:46, External

calibration - 

(1) [accuracy] The comparison of the accuracy of an instrument's measurements to a known standard.

(2) [spatial analysis] In spatial analysis, the selection of attribute values and computational parameters that will cause a model to properly represent the situation being analyzed. For example, in pathfinding and allocation, calibration generally refers to assigning or calculating impedance values.

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