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Carrier Route (CR)

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Carrier Route (CR) - definitions

Carrier Route (CR) - The addresses to which a carrier delivers mail. In common usage, carrier route includes city routes, rural routes, highway contract routes, post office box sections, and general delivery units.

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Carrier Route - "Carrier route" is used as either a general or specific term. Specifically, carrier routes are primarily urban routes served by a letter carrier, as distinguished from rural routes, highway contract routes, PO Box delivery, General delivery, and delivery to unique ZIP Codes. In the general sense, the term refers to all these types of delivery. Each type of route has a specified sequence for delivery within fixed boundaries. Each route is identified by a code (the carrier route code) consisting of an alpha, which identifies the type of route, plus a route number. This code is used for sorting mail. The typical city zone carrier route consists of 350 or so households as walked by the individual carrier. There are 160,000 listed by the USPS plus 240,000 pseudo-carrier routes provided by major compilers of consumer lists.

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