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Post Office Box

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Post Office Box - definition(s)

post office box : a box in a location, usually a post office, where mail is delivered for collection by the recipient; or a virtual address pointing to a geographical address where delivery takes place (e.g. UK).

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Post office box information and synonym lists are available in the Global Sourcebook for International Data Management External and in our address elements data file External


Abonentny Yashik (Russian)

Apartado (Spanish, used in Costa Rica, Equatorial Guinea, Panama, Spain, Venezuela; Portuguese, used in Portugal)

Apartado Aéreo (Spanish, used in Colombia)

Apartado de Correos (Spanish, used in Spain)

Apartado Postal (Spanish, used in Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela)

Apartat de Correus (Catalan)

Boîte Postale (French)

Bosca Poist (Irish)

Box (Swedish)

Caixa Postal (Portuguese, used in Brazil)

Case Postale (Portuguese, used in Angola, Cape Verde Islands, East Timor; French, used in Canada, Switzerland; Spanish, used in Costa Rica)

Casella Postale (Italian)

Casilla de Correo (Spanish, used in Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay)

Casilla Postale (Spanish, used in Bolivia, Peru)

Căsuţă Poştală (Romania)

Kotak Pos (Bahasa Indonesian)

Kutia Postare Nr. (Albanian)

Pašto dėžučų (Lithuanian)

Peti Surat (Bahasa Malay)

Posbus (Afrikaans)

Poshtenska Kutiya (Bulgarian)

Posovni schranka (Czech)

Posta Kutusu (Turkish)

Posta Kutxatila (Basque)

Postafiok (Hungarian)

Postanski Fah, Postanški Fah (Bosnian, Macedonian, Montenegrin, Serbian)

Postanški Pretinac (Croatian)

Postboks (Danish, Norwegian)

Postbus (Dutch)

Postfach (German)

Postholf (Icelandic)

Postilokero (Finnish)

Postlada (Swedish)

Postni predal (Slovenian)

Postova schranka (Slovakian)

Skrzynka Pocztowa (Polish)

Ta Do'ar (Hebrew)

Tahidromiki Thirida (Greek)

Tahydromiki Thyrida (Greek)

Takhidhromiki Thiridha (Greek)

Taxydromikh Qypida (Greek)

Tupo nor (Thai)

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post office box - A locked box, located in the post office lobby or other authorized place, that customers may rent for delivery of their mail. (Formerly called lock box.)

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