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Case Postale

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Case Postale - definitions

Portuguese synonym for post office box, used in Angola, Cape Verde Islands, East Timor

French synonym for post office box, used in Canada, Switzerland

Spanish synonym for post office box, used in Costa Rica

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lock box - Usually set in post office walls in groups. Mail is sorted by individual box number from the employee working area. The customer removes it after unlocking the door on the public side with the key supplied when the box is rented. [case postale]

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case postale - Série de cases habituellement encastrées dans le mur d'un bureau de poste. Le courrier y est trié par numéro de case à partir de l'aire de travail du personnel. Pour avoir accès à son courrier, le client utilise la clé qui lui a été remise au moment de la location de la case. lock box; post office box; postal box]

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